Vintage vanity

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Oops! They did it again!

The friendly folks at Houzz have featured my picture in their article “How to choose a bathroom mirror”! Three hurrah’s for Houzz!

(For those not using Houzz – it is a very large, global website about architecture, interior design and decorating and I’m quite happy about this.)

Their article gives good tips on how to choose the right shape and size bathroom mirror. Little did they know that the bathroom they featured from me has a custom made timber mirror cabinet with mirrors also on the inside. It is super practical for doing your hair. No more secret pillow hair here!

The vanity is a repurposed vintage cabinet – bought from eBay for nearly nothing and treated to tolerate splashes.

How to choose a bathroom mirror
Photo: Joshua Witheford
Have a read through here.

Previously Houzz has featured my house design as the 10th best house with Australian lifestyle. It’s here.


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