Project Management

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Your home is in safe hands.

Check, check and double-check! Somebody has to be on site when you're renovating to talk to the tradesmen. Spotting and solving small issues early stops them from growing into big and expensive – possibly irreversible – problems. When renovating it is okay to be a little OCD!

Save your money

Getting it right at the first time saves a lot of money. Renovating is expensive enough as such, without any additional costs due to re-work.

Save your time

If you don’t have time to instruct and follow-up tradesmen on site, or if your renovation project would benefit from having a certified project manager to plan and track every step, talk to us.

With 20 years of experience in project management and the industry certification (PMP) I can save you from wasting your money on mistakes. We can customise the Project Management services to match your needs and scope.