interior design & decoration

  • Do you have enough storage?

  • Does your home have areas which are not fully utilized?

  • Do you want your home to be both functional and beautiful?

INSIDESIGN does full scope of interior design and decoration services, with flexible packages to fit your individual needs.
INSIDESIGN designs practical interior spaces in Balmain and Inner West Sydney
INSIDESIGN interior design & decoration

interior design - create functional, efficient and comfortable interiors

Interior Design means designing usage of spaces – planning how rooms are used in the most efficient way. It involves planning the layout of the rooms and furniture to ensure the space is practical and usable and fit for its purpose.

INSIDESIGN design services include:

  • space planning
  • kitchen design
  • bathroom design
  • specifying fixtures and fittings
  • specifying materials and finishes to walls, floors and trims
  • specifying the furniture
  • create a colour scheme for the room
  • custom joinery design
  • lighting and electrical plans
  • 3D computer rendering images
  • Space planning is my favourite thing – it’s very creative and I like the problem-solving aspect of it: how can we fit all that’s required in this space, make it work and look good!

    interior decoration - finish with beautiful interiors

    Interior Decoration is applying the final personal touches that make the interiors to stand out and your house to feel like home.

    INSIDESIGN decoration services include:

  • colour scheme and mood boards
  • specifying fabrics and materials
  • specifying furniture, rugs, lights, curtains and accessories
  • advice where to hang artwork (or what kind of artwork to buy)
  • styling advice

  • interior designer service example in balmain
    Perhaps you’d like to combine it with the shopping and Gold Implementation & Styling services to make life easy for you!

    Let’s make you feel at home in your home. Tell me what your house needs and we’ll find a way to do it!