Interior Design

INSIDESIGN designs practical interior spaces in Balmain and Inner West Sydney

Create an ideal home to suit your life

We will work with you to create the ideal home for you and your loved ones.

The key part is planning the layout of the rooms and furniture to improve the flow and usability of the room and to ensure the space is fit for its purpose.

INSIDESIGN design services include:

  • Space planning – that is furniture layouts and dimensions
  • Specifying fixtures and fittings and designing tailored joinery solutions if needed
  • Specifying materials and finishes to walls, floors and trims
  • Specifying the furniture shopping list with a moodboard
  • Create a colour scheme for the room
  • Lighting and electrical plans
  • 3D computer rendering images

Each project is different and the exact scope depends on your specific needs. Book an initial consultancy session to get started.