bedroom after styling

The Power of Personalised Touches

Styling is the grand finale of the design and implementation process, adding a touch of magic to the space.

However, although the results of good styling are extremely powerful, it often gets sidelined. 

Bedroom before and after styling -  Design by INSIDESIGN - Photo by ESS.Creative

Why does this happen?

By the time styling comes around, unexpected expenses may have taken a toll on the renovation budget and often styling items are seen as the least important cost.

Renovation fatigue might be setting in.

Some clients might prefer collecting personal items over time, fearing that professional styling could make their homes feel impersonal.

And, of course, there's the concern about little ones possibly wreaking havoc on (potentially expensive) decor. As a result styling is left to wait until the kids leave for college. 

Before and after styling - Design by INSIDESIGN - Styling by Viktoryia Tsymbal - Photo by Inward Outward

The impact of styling

In my professional opinion, it's best to get finishing touches done as soon as possible. The difference of styled and non-styled houses is like night and day.

While beautifully crafted joinery and furniture are design gems, it's the addition of cushions, vases, flowers, and artworks that makes the rooms shine; that turns a house into a home. We all tend to overlook elements in our living spaces, and the temporary styling items (or lack of them) have a tendency to stay forever - or never appear at all.

Before and after styling - Design by INSIDESIGN - Photo by ESS.Creative

Personalised Designer Touch

Our advice often includes setting aside an additional 10% of the budget for styling items. Surprisingly, we often work with existing furniture, showing you how a fresh perspective can make you rethink the need for a new sofa. We prioritise resourcefulness, aiming to use what you already have whenever possible.

Existing sofa and some new occasional furniture – before and after styling - Styling by INSIDESIGN - Photo by ESS.Creative

Styling is the secret sauce that gives your home a personalised designer touch and vibe of casual luxury.

So, don't miss out – you and your home are absolutely worth the investment!


Get it touch if you’d like help with your styling.