Book One-off Design Consultation


might be just enough design help for smaller projects.

Price: $990 inc GST

Our 3h One-off Design Consultation package is the solution for you if you are not planning to renovate and only need a little bit of help from an interior designer. You can book Sari Munro for up to 3 hours to visit your house to solve some of your smaller interior problems. It's not quite enough time to tackle multiple rooms or to produce customised designs, but sometimes that is enough.


Use the booking calendar on this page to reserve a suitable appointment for your consultation. You will be able to make a secure credit card payment through Stripe.

Please contact us if there are no suitable time slots available. We will be able to sort something out.


Fill in our New Client Questionnaire.

Your answers are essential for us to understand your needs and prepare for the meeting.


Have some fun by taking our Interior Design Style Quiz

It's fun and can help you to figure out your style.


During the One-off Design Consultation, we will:

  • Discuss your plans and ideas and likes and dislikes, figure out your style and brainstorm together what can be done in a space.
  • Solve problems for specific interior issues in your house, for example:
    •  choose paint colours for your house
    • determine furniture layouts for regularly shaped rooms
    • suggest window coverings to match the home’s architecture and style
    • provide guidance on additional lighting requirements
    • make suggestions regarding furniture styles
    • sketch built-in ideas
    • choose materials and finishes for one room.

Sometimes it's better to divide the meeting to two sessions and for us to some homework in between. Sometimes the 3h is not enough for the work you would like to do, and we would be able to quote the design work after this meeting.

After the meeting, I will send you brief notes based on what was discussed, along with some ideas and thoughts about the project.

Please note, you don't have to clean up your house before our meeting. In fact, seeing your house in its "natural state" can be helpful to assess your needs.

The best way for you to prepare for our meeting is to:


Read here for more information about our design process.


Book a free 15-minute Introductory call to ask us questions and to determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

If your project scope includes sourcing furniture or design of custom furniture or joinery, the 3h meeting is not going to be enough. Consider booking the 1.5h Initial Consultation instead, to get a quote of your project.